DIY Food Wrap

DIY Food Wrap from fabric scraps and beeswax

Doing things the eco-friendly or green route often brings together many of my favorite soap box issues.  Save money!  Use what I have!  Avoid petro-things!  Make instead of buy!  Do things and don’t be a couch lump!  And so to fulfill all those criteria I made a few sheets of DIY Food Wrap.  The idea came while I was using some gifted, non-plastic, beeswax impregnated food wrap.  I’ve sung it’s praises here.  I found myself often reaching for it, preferring to wrap leftovers and cheeses in it, instead of plastic.  My husband, dishwasher in chief, likes it when I cover a food bowl with it instead of dumping it into a Pyrex dish- one less thing to wash.  Also, I was doing a little rearranging of the old craft supplies and wondered what to do with a sad yard of left over fabric I used to make kitchen curtains in my last house.  (I moved with this stuff- I better use it!)  And so DIY food wrap was born.

make DIY food wrap

I cut a few squares in various sizes- cutting rounds would be a good idea too.  Be sure to wash your fabric ahead of time- especially important if you’re using colored fabric.  I pinked the edges to defer fraying.  I put my square on top of a sheet of parchment paper on top of my ironing board.  Then I grated a generous amount of beeswax over the entire surface.  I use beeswax pucks for versatility, but you can find it already in pellets and flakes.   Next, I placed another layer of parchment paper on top and hit it with a quick and hot iron.  The wax melts instantly and is absorbed into the fabric.  You can watch the fabric turn darker and ‘wet looking’, which lets you know if you have good even coverage.  Slowly peel the parchment paper away to reveal your finished product.  If any parts seem to not have taken up the wax, just add a bit more and re-do the process.  My edges always were a bit scant.

wrap something up with your DIY food wrap

After drying and cooling for a few minutes, you are ready to wrap.  Washing is simple, just rinse with warmish water.  Go light on the soap.  With time, repeated use, soap and water will slowly remove the beeswax.  But you can always re-wax your wraps.  I keep my DIY food wrap folded and next to all my other packaging supplies and reach for them first and if the job warrants them.  (hint- wash and re-use your plastic baggies too- they can be reused lots and lots and lots of times.  You can even make a drying rack for them).  Already folks, let’s wrap and roll….


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7 thoughts on “DIY Food Wrap

  1. I keep meaning to do this! The commercial version is so $$$ and I now have my own beeswax! Thanks for the post, fellow local homesteader :-)

    • I was given one of the commercial food wraps as a gift, but I would never buy them (how can a tablespoon of wax and a scrap of fabric cost so much?!)

  2. Hi Connie!
    I’m so happy to have figured out how to comment on your inviting blog. Silly me, I know nothing about Instagram, lol…

    What a cool idea you have shared today, Connie. I just love those Cover Ups:) A friend of mine is suppose to be giving some beeswax, (and honey:) Now I know how to “play” with it, lol…Thanks for sharing, Connie…

    • Thanks Louise! Maybe I should also add a comment button at the end of posts- I don’t want to make things confusing! How exciting to play with some honey & beeswax from a friend’s bees!

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